Dr. Amos J. Willis is a Nags Head Ophthalmologist who has recently moved his office from Kitty Hawk N.C. He is a board certified Ophthalmologist. He practiced earlier in his life in Fredericksburg, Virginia where he performed over 45,000 cataract extractions and lens implants as well as 10,000 lasik procedures. At his new office in the Nags Head Professional center he is offering eye exams, glasses, contact lens and in office surgeries including blepharoplasty (lid lifts). 

Equipment is all state of the art with all new furnishings. Exam rooms are wheelchair accessible. He is applying for hospital privileges to do cataract surgery.

We welcome locals and tourists in need of eye care. If you lose your glasses or contacts, give us a call and set up and appointment. We work with healthcare providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. No one should have to go a day on the Outer Banks without being able to see. Give us a call.

Dr. Amos J. Willis is an experienced Nags Head Ophthalmologist serving the entire Outer Banks.