LASIK was first started in Bogita, Columbia by Dr. Baraquer. The older lasik surgery for near sightedness called radial keratotomy has largely fallen into disreputable, so everybody is using lasik which stands for laser institu keratomilusis. The patient’s prescription is first determined by wet refraction or Cycloplegic refraction. This eliminates the possibility of over-correcting the patient. Then a corneal topography is done to study the patient’s corneal regularity. Many patients have slightly irregular astigmatism and a form fruste of keratoconus. These conditions will not respond well to lasik.

The newest and best type of lasik surgery is CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHY GUIDED Lasik which eliminates the aforementioned problems. The next thing that has occurred In Lasik is Intralase. In this technique the laser is used to raise the corneal flap, thus eliminating the flap problems that were common with the mechanical keratome. The topography guided Lasik surgery can actually give the patient one line more vision than he/she never had before with less glare and haloes.